Van OD: How it all began

In 2014 I'd been doing gardening work for about a year, and had thought about starting a van business to keep me going through the winter when gardening work tends to go quiet. So as an experiment while I was still doing gardening work, I did few van bookings by renting a van by the hour from what was then City Car Club. Doing it this way wasn't going to make it a viable business but it was a good way to see how it would work, and see how I felt about doing this kind of work. After a while I found out that an aquaintance was a member of a small group of people that shared the use of a van and that they had space for someone to join. So I joined this and started doing van work more regularly. Read more...

Why Choose Van OD?

If you need to move a large item, or even if you're doing a full house removal you might consider van hire, or using a van available from a car club, sometimes situated outside large shops such as Ikea or B&Q. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. Here's a breakdown of those pros and cons and why we think our "taxi for things" service covers all the bases. Read more...

An Alternative to Van Hire

For most people, if they need to move a large object such as a piece of furniture or do a small house removal their initial reaction is to look into van hire. While this can sometimes be the cheapest option for long distance transport, for local transport a "man with van" service like ours usually works out cheaper and is far more convenient.

We come to you

When you book a van with us, your van will arrive at the pickup location at the time you've booked and we'll only charge you for the time the van is being used for your booking. No need for time consuming travel halfway across town to pick up a van and return it again afterwards. Read more...

Top tips for moving house

Put the kettle, a few mugs and your tea making supplies in a separate box and clearly label it. When you need a well earned break you don't want to have to be digging through boxes to find these essential items.

When you've got everything into your new place, assemble your bed before you do anything else. Moving is exhausting, and you'll be glad you did this when you decide you've had enough and it's there waiting for you to collapse on.

Treat yourself to a takeaway. If there's one time you deserve a takeaway, moving day is it. If you're moving to a new area it's worth looking up what options there are beforehand. Read more...

Choosing a Man with Van service

Like most cities, if you're looking for man with van service in Bristol, there are quite a few to choose from. Services vary from literally one man with a van, to companies with a small fleet. So here's our guide for things to check to choose between them.

Track record

Check to see if they have received good reviews from previous customers. This might be on their Facebook page, or on their listing on sites like Yell. The quickest way to find this information is to Google their business name, or simply their phone number if they don't use a trading name. It's also worth asking around for personal recommendations. Read more...

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