Choosing a Man with Van service

Like most cities, if you're looking for man with van service in Bristol, there are quite a few to choose from. Services vary from literally one man with a van, to companies with a small fleet. So here's our guide for things to check to choose between them.

Track record

Check to see if they have received good reviews from previous customers. This might be on their Facebook page, or on their listing on sites like Yell. The quickest way to find this information is to Google their business name, or simply their phone number if they don't use a trading name. It's also worth asking around for personal recommendations.


There are 3 type of insurance a man with van service should have:

(1) Hire and Reward
Anyone who gets paid to move goods should have a vehicle policy that covers them for "hire and reward". These policies tend to be significantly more expensive since the assumption is that they're going to be doing a lot more driving than say, a plumber. If the vehicle is not covered by this type of policy then they are effectively uninsured should anything happen.

(2) Goods in Transit
It's also advisable to have "goods in transit" insurance which covers the items that are being transported. This normally covers accidental damage and damage in the event of vehicle crash, fire etc.

(3)Public Liability
This insurance covers customers and members of the public against injury and usually also damage to buildings.

So it's worth asking if they have "hire and reward" insurance at a minimum and preferably the other two as well.

Clear pricing and service

Whether it's advertised on their website or facebook page, or simply agreed over the phone, make sure you are clear on what you'll be paying, and whether it's a fixed price or by the hour. It's also worth checking what level of service you can expect, such as whether you're getting just the driver or two people to load the van, and if carrying items up/down stairs is included or extra. It's also worth being sure if the van you're getting is going to be big enough!

Van OD | 22 Chaplin Road, Bristol BS5 0JU | 0117 230 7670